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We offer a variety of courses for students in Technology and Biotechnology of Foods, Brewing and Beverage Technology, Biology, Molecular Biotechnology, and Nutrition Science.

All courses are listed and described at www.campus.tum.de (TUMonline).

All active exams are listed and described at www.campus.tum.de (TUMonline).

Please log into this system following the instructions given there (this site is in German).

To facilitate the search for courses given by us, an overview giving their titles in English and German, and names of teachers is provided in this website. Use these to search the TUMonline database for further information on specific courses (target groups/mandatory/optional/teachers involved/contents/educational objectives/work load/credit points/times/locations). We will only update TUMonline.

All materials for lectures and practical courses are copyrighted by Prof. Rudi F. Vogel and his co-workers. Since new legislation requires full copyrights for any text or illustration used in these materials, even when distributed only from password protected servers to registered users (you as a student of TUM) we cannot keep up this service. It is merely impossibly to provide updated materials requiring hundreds of different copyrights and serve respective immense payments. For this reason we also cannot deposit these materials on platforms like moodle or distribute these through the students association.

You can get these materials in person in the lecture or in our secretariat, loaded to your computer upon signature of a exclusive, personal user agreement. The files can be printed for personal use but may not be distributed any further. Extraction of text and pictures is blocked.