Our services in food microbiology

Based on our vast toolbox we are able to offer a variety of services ranging from routine analyses to joint bilateral research projects. As a basic service we enumerate pathogens, spoilage organisms and/or contaminants with microbiological methods. Depending on the sample materials we use different selective media and/or enrichments. Fungi as well as bacteria and bacterial endospores can be determined, and live-/dead differentiation, microscopy and characterization of the physiology of these organisms can be included.

Our services in microbial identification

We are specialists in the identification of microbes. As delineated in our toolbox we have many techniques to achieve fast reliable identificaion of your isolate(s). As a rule we offer 16S rDNA sequence analysis for bacteria and analyses of other genomic sequences for yeasts and fungi. We have established MALDI-TOF-MS typing for food isolates down to the strain level and can now offer this powerful service with our own databases. We also have described several new species demonstrating our expertise in this field, and cover safety evaluation of lactic acid bacteria to be used in food biotechnology.

Our services in food microbiota description

We are specialists in the analysis of fermentative microbiota and microbial consortia in food as well as the description of their development upon time. Modern typing technologies enable differentiation of bacteria and other microbes to the strain level. This is decisive for the determination of causative circumstances in production problems. As a result of our own interest in the developmen tof starter cultures, namely on lactic acid bacteria, we can offer special developments at non-commercial prices.

You are welcome to to take advantage of a research institute towards commercial offers.

Our services in starter culture development

We are specialists in starter culture development and the quality assurance in their production and application. We develop cultures with technological and nutritional added value tailored for specific applications. We also can assit you to secure your property rights onb specific cultures by determination and deposit of genome sequences and help you to effectively produce cultures and preparations thereof exhibiting maximal performance. Depending on the task to be performed this can be done in bilateral confidential cooperations of pre-competitive joint research projects. Ask us for possibilities. In many cases, we know ways to help you the receive funding to do this research in a joint venture with us.