Our students projects

We offer projects for students enroled in

  • Technology and Biotechnology of Food
  • Brewing and Beverage Technology
  • Biology
  • Molecular Biotechnology
  • Food Chemistry

The project duration ranges from min. 6 weeks, to Bachelor theses (3 months) to master theses (6 months). Topics are taken from ideas developed along our ongoing projects. Projects can start any time provided the respective supervisor is free.

We are highly frequented and have many inquiries. If you want to work on a project in our lab, plan in a timely manner. Applications are advised 3-6 months before the planned start. Topics are offered ealiest 2 months before the start, as we need to keep up to date with the projects. Projects are supervised by a PhD student or Post doc. Some projects are expensive, but we are interested in your result. We do not list definitive research topics in this website. This is because you are unique and deserve a unique topic for your project, which we will develop along our needs and your interest. We offer ultimate guidance, support and research possibilites. We expect ultimate enthusiasm and engagement.

We offer molecular or real foods projects. Before you apply for a student project, look at our research projects and toolbox. Think about your preferences along the methods you want to learn, preferentially over telling us in which project you would like to work.

All applications must be sent to the secretariat

e-mail secretariat

listing type/duration, intended start date/period and favourite technique (e. g. moleclar typing, cloning, HPLC or proteomic analysis, real baking, sausage fermentation etc.) to be learned. Tell us why you feel you are the most suitable candidate for this work.