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curriculum vitae Rudi F. Vogel (born 1955 in Tübingen, Germany)


Rudi F. Vogel is a biochemist interested in food microbiology and biotechnology. As head of TMW he conducts research on starter culture development, high pressure in food and biosciences as well as control of unwanted microbes in food. After his study of biochemistry he obtained his PhD in Biochemistry in Tübingen in yeast genetics and his habilitation (venia legendi) for food microbiology in Hohenheim University leading a group on the genetics of lactic acid bacteria in meat fermentation. In 1993 he became full professor at the Technische Universität München. 1998-2000 he was dean of the faculty of Brewing, Food Technology and Dairy Science, which is now part of the Center of Life and Food Sciences in Weihenstephan. 2003-2005 he was students dean for Brewing and Food Science. He was or is member the of the Central Commission for Biological Safety (ZKBS) (2000-2005) and the Senate Commission for Food Safety of the German Research Foundation on Food Safety (SKLM) (since 2000).

He is (co) author of > 300 peer revieved publications, and organizer of several international symposia including "4th International Symposium on Sourdough" (2009), 2nd International Symposium for Youg Scientists in Brewing, Malting and Distilling (2010), 6th International Conference on High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology (2010) and "1st International Symposium on Fermented Meats".


An overview on his personal worldwide research network, research interests and selected publications is given at www.pubfacts.com.