Microbes and Molecules for Life and Food Science

are the driving forces for our microbiological approach in life and food science. We want to identify, monitor and understand microbes their behaviour and interaction in food and intestinal systems as well as elucidate and control their effects on food quality and health. We use (meta-omic)sequencing technologies, molecular biology, proteomics and metabolic analyses to study them in model systems, real foods, cell cultures and mouse models. Ultra high pressure has become a valuable tool for us to study metabolism, gene regulation and transport. Our favourites are the development of lactic and acetic acid bacteria for starter and probiotic cultures and the control of mycotoxin producing, plant pathogenic fungi. Typical fermented food environments studied are meat and cereal systems. As a member of the international Center of Beverage Science we share interests with brewing technologists in the development of added value and functional beverages. We feel that food science and biotechnology are real fun.

Staff: About 30 scientists work in this chair among which are four group leaders and 24 PhD students with expertise as biologists, food chemists, brewing or food scientists and engineers. Students from these areas are welcome and integrated in our group to work on their diplom or masters theses as well as project work during their studies.

Teaching: We are teaching students in courses on "Technology and Biotechnology of Foods", " Brewing and Beaverage Technology", "Molecular Biotechnology" and "Biology" in microbiology, food microbiology and biotechnology, food hygiene, applied molecular biology, starter culture development and high pressure in food and biosciences in lectures, seminars and practical courses.

Location: Our high-tech facilities are situated within the "International Beverage Center Weihenstephan (IGZW) where we stay cool while others sweat.