Microbes and Molecules for Life and Food Science

were the driving forces for our microbiological approach to systems microbiology in life and food science. We aimed to identify, monitor and understand microbial behaviour and interaction in food and intestinal systems as well as elucidate and control their effects on food spoilage, quality and health. We used (meta-omic)sequencing technologies, molecular biology, proteomics and metabolic analyses to study them in model systems, real foods, cell cultures and mouse models. We also used ultra high pressure as valuable tool for us to study metabolism, gene regulation and transport, as well a behaviour of bacterial cells and endospores in pressurized foods. Our favourites were the development of lactic and acetic acid bacteria for starter- protective- and probiotic cultures and the control of mycotoxin producing, plant pathogenic fungi. Typical (fermented) food environments studied are meat and cereal systems. As a member of the international Center of Beverage Science we shared interests with brewing technologists in the development of added value and functional beverages. We feel that food science and biotechnology are real fun.